Diorama exists between the real and unreal, in a space where the future awaits and constantly surpasses our invention.


The habitat is one of speed, time, change and continuity. Our world is one where scale is immersive. An abstract quality of incomensurable force in a world where numbers dominate and disturb perception. Modernity introduced the ideal of ordered perfection and in its maturity it reavealed the impossiblity of the project. Diorama follows the philosophy of scale, abstraction, disruption in an imperfectly balanced reality. It asks, how can we operate effectively in this world of radical complexity?


The practice is one of collage, of mania and ambivalence. It is one of creation, conversation and strategy. Each project is a concise text, an abstract source of multiplicity, a construction toward a new visual culture. Scraps of information, facts and figures collect and reform into new works, ideas, concepts and creations.


The process is one of collection, sorting, sifting and cataloguing. It is the creation of a complex map of time and place. It is a work of dialogue and collaboration: with people, resources, objects, places and other texts. All outcomes are contingent, they are reliant on process, feedback and collective comprehension. These outcomes are both singular and multiple, inward and outward, connected and unique. It is the aim of Diorama is to construct new texts that stimulate, construct, disrupt and confront all marginal futures.


Diorama, text, 2d, 3d, vr, photography, animation, collage, print, object, diorama.

diorama studio in Milan and Paris